Reboot Your Life

Doing a Reboot helps your body return to the healthy fat-burning machine it was designed to be!

Rebooting your metabolism is about making food choices that help support the body’s normal energy-producing, fat-burning, muscle-building functions. Our bodies were designed to burn fat as our primary source of fuel, but our modern diets have greatly compromised that function resulting in the escalating numbers of overweight/obese individuals. And these numbers continue to grow in spite of a robust, sixty billion dollar a year diet and weight loss industry. It almost seems like the more we diet, the fatter and sicker we become. In fact, over 95% of everyone who loses weight by dieting, gains some, all, or even more weight back.

That’s where an Evolv Reboot comes in. Science has finally broken the code on this rebound phenomenon — it turns out that fat loss has as much or more to do with hormones than calories-in, calories-out. Hormones are signaling molecules that trigger specific cells into action. They regulate virtually every aspect of your body’s day-to-day functioning. In the case of fat-burning, your body makes a hormone that regulates when and how much fat should be converted to energy. Doing a Reboot is a natural, delicious, and convenient way to do this, and it starts with just a 28 day commitment to addressing nutrition.

Meet Leptin

Leptin is the “fat-burning hormone,”  and regulates metabolism and hunger signals, too. When leptin works as it’s supposed to, your body will burn excess accumulated fat in an efficient manner.

Over-consumption of sugar, grains, starches, processed foods, and other health factors can cause chronic inflammation in the body that can dramatically inhibit the brain’s ability to read leptin levels in the blood correctly. This inability to “see” leptin, known as “leptin resistance” or “leptin insensitivity,” throws your fat-burning functions off course, resulting in the body relentlessly reserving excess fat, even when obese or overweight.

There is no medication that can correct leptin resistance, and in fact the typical weight loss diet can actually make this problem worse. This explains why the diet industry has failed so miserably at offering sustainable solutions for long-term fat loss.

The “Reboot Your Life” Food Plan was developed to help shift your metabolism back to the efficient, fat-burning state it was designed for. 

The plan is divided into three phases: the initial 2 phases —”Reboot” and “Impact”— are incorporated into our 28-day program that can be repeated as many times as you need to reach your goals. The 3rd phase, “Maintain,” follows once you reach your goals, and is meant to be repeated ongoing to help support leptin function and maintain healthy levels of body fat. In all three phases, the Evolv Lifebar offers the most cost-effective and convenient solution for meeting the nutritional goals of the Reboot Program by providing the body with the right combination of fats, healthy carbohydrates, fiber and more to promote the body’s long-term health, that is easy to take with you anywhere you go.

Phase 1 — The Reboot Phase

Meal Program for Days 1 – 28

Help your body to reduce inflammatory markers, restore your gut health, reactivate your immune system, and replenish your cells in order to help the body shift your metabolism in the Reboot Phase. There are specific foods to eat and avoid during this phase to best help accomplish these goals, and always remember this is a program, NOT a diet. If you need to adapt it slightly to suit your body’s unique needs such as adding or eliminating snacks, shifting the order of meals so your healthy meal is your breakfast instead and the like, FEEL FREE! The key to success is sustainability, and everyone’s needs and goals are going to be different.

There are 5 food rules during the Reboot Phase 1:

  1. Eat 2 or more LifeBars per day *
  2. Don’t Skip Meals (feel free to adapt the amount and number of your snacks to suit your appetite)
  3. Fat: Increase your intake of healthy fats
  4. Protein: Moderate your intake – on average 4-6 ounces per meal (Too much protein will also convert to sugar)
  5. Carbohydrates: Eliminate all refined sugars (table sugar, powdered sugar, brown sugar, high fructose corn syrup, molasses, maltodextrin, etc.), refined grains (white flour, wheat flour, white rice, etc.), alcoholic beverages, and most fruits (see approved list below), as they promote a sugar-burning metabolism and can contribute to inflammation.
  6. Healthy Meals & Snacks**: Use the food guidelines to pick a Protein, a Fat, and a Vegetable to create a meal or snack tailored to your taste.

*Make sure you drink a 16 oz Bottle of Water with each LifeBar.
**Approved fruits and vegetables can be eaten at any meal or as a snack.

Phase 2 – Impact Phase

Meal Program for Days 29-56

  • Pick a Protein (Same List as Reboot)
  • Pick a Fat (Same List as Reboot)
  • Pick your approved fruits and vegetables (Same List as Reboot)
  • Continue to eat Evolv LifeBars
  • Optional: Once your weight loss goals are achieved, you can now add higher glycemic fruits, vegetables, or grains to any meal.

After you’ve completed your 28 day Phase 1 Reboot, you can continue to adhere to the Reboot Food Program or you can shift into the broader Impact Phase food guidelines.

… and stay healthier!

Once you GET healthier with a full 28-day, 56-day, or longer Reboot Program, you can help your body to STAY healthier by using key support products and your new knowledge about how to eat clean and healthy!

Choose one of our pre-made product Packs for continued, convenient support  of your leptin function, help your body reduce the risk factors of inflammation, and be your healthiest!

For long-term health, I recommend following the Impact Phase Food Plan, while incorporating a more liberal use of the optional Fruits, Vegetables, and Grains as desired. All of the Evolv nutritional products are designed to support this way of eating, making it convenient for you to eat the way you need to — and ENJOY your life along the way!

Should you find yourself gaining a few pounds back over time as your body and circumstances change, you can simply go through the Reboot Phase again, and make the adjustments you now know HOW to make with the help of the Evolv products and the Reboot program to give your body the support it needs, long-term.

Congratulations! You have done something 95% of people in the diet industry have tried to do unsuccessfully for years: mastered the essential mechanics of fat loss.

Anti-inflammatory Weight Loss Food Plan

A recommended food list is provided with the Reboot Kit. Keep in mind these are food GUIDELINES! Your own body’s needs may vary slightly from what is suggested. Still hungry? Add another snack from the approved list. Not hungry at all? Don’t feel like you have to eat a snack just because it’s suggested here. A program must be sustainable to work, and learning to listen to and respect your own body’s needs is key.

AVOID, For optimal results:

• No skipped meals. Even if we are not counting calories for weight loss, we still need them to fuel daily activity.
• No low-fat or reduced-fat substitution. Healthy dietary fat is one of the keys to rebooting leptin. Stick to whole fats where indicated.
• Maintain 4-6 oz of protein per meal or 12-18 oz of protein per day at most.
• No added sugars. Avoid table, powdered, white and brown sugar, high fructose corn syrup, molasses, honey, dextrose, maltodextrin, artificial sweeteners. Excess sugar promotes inflammation, leptin resistance.
• No grains or alcohol. Avoid wheat, millet, rye, oats, rice, spelt, barley, canned goods with added sugar, and all alcoholic beverages (converts to sugar in the blood).

Reboot Foods

The Reboot Kit

Evolv’s Reboot Kit is a powerful set of proprietary nutritional products designed to help your body address inflammation and leptin sensitivity naturally, without sacrificing the convenience and simplicity sometimes required by modern life. The Kit works in conjunction with a healthy eating food program to give your body the support it needs to burn fat, fight inflammation, and experience weight loss For Good. Best of all, the sale of every Reboot Kit generates a donation of 140 servings of nutrition to children in need – that’s enough to nourish 4 children for more than a month.

A Reboot Kit contains all of the tools needed to “Reboot” the body’s fat-burning metabolism by helping to address leptin resistance. Each 28-day Reboot Kit contains:

• Evolv LifeBar low-sugar, metabolism reboot bar (4 boxes, 14 bars per box)
• Evolv Immun proprietary Acemannan supplement (1 bottle, 28 capsules)
• Evolv Limitless proprietary betalain supplement (1 box, 56 capsules)
• Evolv Fix naturally sweetened berry drink mix (1 box, 28 stick packs)

Enjoy the benefits of better health, conveniently & naturally.

Reboot Kit

Evolv LifeBar

Weight Loss

Evolv LifeBar

Reboot and maintain a fat-burning metabolism. Lose fat for good!

The cornerstone product of our Reboot Program, Evolv LifeBar is a whole food powerhouse made using science-based nutritional research on the fat-burning process. Helps the body fight leptin resistance and Lose Fat For Good! Comes in two natural flavors, Dark Chocolate and Blueberry Pomegranate.

  • Reboot your fat-burning metabolism
  • Curb hunger and increase your fiber intake to support digestive health
  • Support your body’s immune system with the power of Evolv Immūn proprietary Acemannan compound
  • Replenish essential nutrients with our high quality HOPE Blend

About “Bio-Transformed” Nutrients

The fermentation of friendly micro-organisms transforms vitamins and minerals into a highly complex source of nutrients. These nutrients—found in Evolv LifeBar just as they are in all fermented foods—are bound in a matrix containing lipids, proteins, beta glucans, and a wide variety of phytonutrients.

Lose Fat For Good!

Recent studies have revealed that a hormone called leptin tells the brain how much fat we have stored, so the body knows how much to burn as fuel. Inflammation can disable the brain’s ability to sense leptin, however, sending the body into sugar-burning mode, conserving fat, and sending our cravings through the roof.

While fad diets and weight loss supplements can actually contribute to metabolic dysfunction, the Evolv LifeBar — available in Dark Chocolate or Blueberry Pomegranate — was developed to target the problem of leptin insensitivity in a way you can enjoy and sustain.

By combining an ideal mix of healthy fats, proteins, prebiotic fiber, advanced immune support, and whole food vitamins and minerals, the Evolv LifeBar helps the body shift to an efficient fat-burning state, and reducing or eliminating sugar crashes and cravings in the process.

Evolv LifeBar

Evolv Immun

Weight Loss

Evolv Immun

A Simple Plant with Unprecedented Benefits

Over 70% of our immune system is found in the gut. Our proprietary Acemannan Aloe vera extract provides a unique formulation of the most powerful immune-balancing fractions of Acemannan to provide the body with targeted immune support where it counts — in the gut.

  • A proprietary concentration of the most immune-activating Acemannan fractions from the inner leaf gel of the Aloe vera plant
  • “Smart” immune-modulating impact may help the body lower overactive immune systems or activate sluggish ones

Studies have shown that Acemannans with a molecular weight of 400 KDa or less are powerful immune cell activators, while those with larger than 400 KDa support only marginal immunomodulatory activity. Acemannans with a molecular weight of less than 50 KDa can be absorbed immediately through the intestinal walls and transported into the blood stream. Once absorbed, they are transported directly to other cells, tissues and organs throughout the body. Mannans are essential for all cellular functions, including those involved in repair, regeneration and defense.

Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, the processing of stabilized Aloe vera changed very little. Then in 2005, the discovery was made that only specifically-sized fractions of Acemannan (Aloe vera’s bioactive molecule) were small enough to be absorbed directly into the blood stream, and other slightly larger fractions actually facilitated the plant’s amazing immunomodulatory effect. The largest fractions of Acemannan become prebiotic nourishment for friendly bacteria in the gut.

With this new information, Dr. Santiago Rodriguez, one of the world’s leading experts on Aloe Acemannan processing, developed Evolv Immūn—a proprietary Acemannan composition. Evolv Immūn is a revolutionary new Aloe vera extract with a proprietary concentration of these immune activating and bioavailable Acemannan fractions, making it a powerful, non-toxic addition your integrative health strategy to support the body’s normal functions of defense, repair, and regeneration.

Evolv Immūn is a state-of-the-art Aloe vera inner leaf gel powder containing the most immune-activating fractions of Acemannan, making it a powerful addition to your program to support the body’s immune function.

Immune cells in the gut help to direct various immune responses. When they are properly activated, they are very able to self-regulate to keep the immune system from getting too high or too low, called “immunomodulation.” Acemannan helps the body modulate (balance) its immune response, which supports optimal immune effectiveness.

Evolv Immūn Acemannan supplement offers some of the best integrative health support to those immune cells by providing the highest concentration of immune-activating Acemannan fractions available on the market today.

Evolv Immun

Acemannan Report

Evolv Limitless

Weight Loss

Evolv Limitless

Two Capsules. Limitless Potential.

A proprietary concentration of betalains from pure beet root extract to help the body support joint comfort and flexibility.

Zero Sugar • Zero Calories • Patent-Pending Process

Evolv Limitless contains a targeted concentration of beet root extract—with “nature’s anti-inflammatory,” betalains—found to reduce inflammatory markers by up to 47% in a clinical study (click on the Additional Information tab to read a copy of the study).Extracted using a patented process that leaves out all the nutrient-damaging, high-calorie sugar, the active ingredient in Evolv Limitless gives you a zero calorie, high-powered way to help you live life limitless!

100% beet root extract (ProLain™). The active ingredient in Evolv Limitless was extracted using a new, patent-pending technology that extracts the betalains, while leaving out the nutrient-damaging sugars. Evolv Limitless bears the exclusive TargeTest™ Seal of confirmed bioactivity in humans, awarded by FutureCeuticals®, a leading biotechnology and reserach company. The Seal is in indicator of the highest standards of research and testing.

Limitless contains a proprietary concentration of “nature’s anti-inflammatory” betalains from beet root extract, but with zero sugar due to a patent-pending extraction process. The concentrated betalains in Limitless give you a high-powered way to live life to the fullest. Limitless may help the body:

• Reduce the risk factors of inflammation
• Fight fatigue & support mental alertness
• Promote joint comfort & flexibility
• Support athletic recovery & performance
• Fight free radicals & promote healthy aging

Evolv Limitless

Read the scientific study on betalains and the active ingredient in Limitless

Evolv Fix

Weight Loss

Evolv Fix

Calm, Cool, and Collected – Get your health fix on.

“Drink the Pink” and help the body improve mental clarity, reduce stress, and fight high-calorie snacking.

• Natural berry flavor
• No artificial dyes, flavors or sweeteners
• Only 20 calories per serving

Evolv Fix

The Research Journal of Life Sciences

Evolv Fix contains both ElevATP™ and SensorilTrim® AC

ElevATP™ is a proprietary ingredient from natural sources that was shown to increase blood ATP levels as much as 64% with no increase in lactic acid or free radicals (oxidative stress). Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the “energy currency” between cells, giving you an energy boost at the cellular level.

ElevATP Study

SensorilTrim® AC is a proprietary nutraceutical complex of ingredients with complementary mechanisms of action. It contains SensorilTrim® AC, a multi-patented, standardized extract of the adaptogenic Ayurvedic botanical Ashwagandha, which helps reduce stress. In human clinical trials, it was found to significantly lower stress levels. SensorilTrim® AC also contains a patented, isomalto-oligosaccharide fiber complex with multiple health benefits. It is an effective prebiotic, and it also supports healthy digestive function.

The Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association

Evolv Health

It has been reported that about 6 million children worldwide die from malnutrition related complications each year. The EvolvHealth “Change Your Life, Change the World™” Mission is to eradicate childhood malnutrition through our Buy 1, Nourish 2™ giving initiative. This mission is powered and sustainably funded by our revolutionary Social Business 3.0™ model that promotes our proprietary line of advanced nutritional products enabling millions to Reboot their health.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. EvolvHealth makes no healing or medical claims regarding its products, which are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, heal, or prevent any disease, illness, or medical condition. Consult with your physician before beginning this or any other health program.


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