I eat and then I’m hungry in an hour. I’m trying to eat healthy but when I’m hungry I tend to eat the first thing I can grab. I’m gaining weight and don’t know what to do.

After we eat we shouldn’t get hungry for 3 – 4 hours. If you are feeling hunger before that, either you are not eating enough or you are eating the wrong kinds of foods. Usually this is due to an insulin response. If you start your morning with cereal, banana, and milk. You are having carbs, carbs, and carbs with some protein. As we get older we are more prone to insulin resistance. When we are younger we seem to be able to eat anything. But unfortunately that sets us up to have issues when we get older. We never really learned how to eat healthy.

When we have insulin resistance the insulin receptors aren’t working in our cells. Insulin is the key that when it binds to the receptor it unlocks the cell allowing glucose to enter. But, when the receptors aren’t working we have high levels of insulin in our blood along with high levels of glucose. Another function of insulin is to shuttle the excess glucose that the cells don’t need into the fat cells for storage for later. So, if the cells aren’t using the glucose it gets shuttled into fat storage. Meanwhile, the cells are saying we didn’t get fed and sends a response to the brain for the stomach to produce ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates hunger. And around and around we go.

To break this cycle, we need to lower our carb intake and increase our healthy fat consumption. Try a veggie omelet with some berries instead of cereal for breakfast. It does take some planning since this is not how we’re used to eating. But, once you get your insulin levels down you will feel better and start using your fat stores. As long as you have circulating insulin you will not produce glucagon. Glucagon is produced when you have low levels of blood glucose. One of the ways your body makes glucose is from fat storage. This is what we want.

Taking a look at what we’re eating during the day, the time you eat your carbs, and what you eat with your carbs is critical to create a new, healthier plan.