Nutritional Path to Wellness

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Camille Redmond, RDN, LD

Honors your unique journey through nutrition and lifestyle coaching, navigating and paving the way for you to successfully achieve your goals.

Camille Redmond, RDN, LD

Is a well-rounded Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, graduate of Keene State College earning a Bachelor’s of Science, summa cum laude, in Health Science concentrating in Nutrition. She completed her graduate work with Marywood University’s distance dietetic internship program. She is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, New Hampshire Dietetic Association, Dietetics in Health Care Communities, and Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine. She is continuing her education at Plymouth State University Masters of Education in Health Education and Eating Disorders Certification program. She is expanding her knowledge to include research-based tools, techniques, and strategies to use in medical treatment, mental health counseling, nutrition counseling or education, and outreach work.

Understanding that everyone has a unique and special story, Camille created Nutritional Path to Wellness to provide guidance in healing of mind, body, and spirit through education, motivation, and support. She understands that food is a social construct as well as an emotional bond to times gone by. When we realize why we eat the way we do we can break unhealthy, old habits and form new, healthier ones. Navigating this path will bring the mind back into balance and align with your wellness goals.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates famous quote. Camille believes in healing the body through whole, unprocessed, and unrefined foods. Nutrition is not one-size fits all. She understands that we all have individual needs. Whether your lifestyle is vegan, vegetarian, paleo, LCHF (low carb high fat), an athlete, or have diabetes, heart disease, food allergies, irritable bowel, etc. (the list is endless), she will guide you in navigating your optimal nutritional route to bring your body into balance and align with your wellness goals.

Most of us share the common experience of a hectic life and very little time to unwind or take the time to ground ourselves. We are always on the run and looking for convenience. Camille understands that disease and stress go hand-in-hand. Adrenal fatigue, an underactive/overactive thyroid, metabolic disorders, and other hormonal imbalances are commonplace with a stressful lifestyle. She will help to bring your metabolism back into balance with lifestyle coaching to align with your wellness goals.

Your body wants to be in a state of homeostasis. We need to give the body the support it needs to heal itself. When you were created 9 months before you were born you were given the genetics to be a perfect self. You are predisposed to a certain genetic makeup with epigenetics that turn on and off your genes. Why does one person express disease while another doesn’t, but they live in the same environment? It’s all about epigenetics. Somewhere between when you were created to now something triggered a gene or genes to be expressed. It’s finding what’s going on in your environment that’s making you be symptomatic. This is what functional medicine is all about. Camille seeks true healing. She searches for the root cause & then support the body in healing itself as a functional nutritionist. This takes a lot of detective work & putting a lot of pieces together. There may be layers upon layers to uncover. As a functional nutritionist, she will assist you in peeling back the layers and supporting your body back to wellness.

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The Reboot Weight Loss Program works in complete harmony with your body’s normal cellular functions of defense, repair, and regeneration while supporting gut health and digestion, reducing the body’s risks of inflammation; and supporting the body with good nutrition providing an ideal environment for success, and the best health possible.

The Standard Process Purification Program supports the body’s natural toxin-metabolism processes. This promotes a state that allows for toxin release.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis is an essential tool for precisely measuring your body’s inner health by monitoring your body composition.

WatchWT MedGem Metabolic Testing provides a medical-based and structured approach to weight management leading to better results because your weight management plan is more focused and personalized based on your physiological needs.

Nutritionix Track is a food, nutrient, exercise, and weight tracking app developed and maintained by a team of registered dietitians. Nutritional Path To Wellness’ EMR (electronic medical record) – Kalix integrates within Nutritionix Track allowing us to easily track your progress.